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Fix for Error 0x80780049, Backup ID 517

KB 2918371 describes the following issue with Windows Server Backup 2012:   Environment: a Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V host and a Windows Server 2012 guest virtual machine (VM). Open Windows Server Backup on the host operating system. Select Backup Schedule to start the backup schedule wizard and then click Next. Click Custom on the Select Backup Configuration tab […]


The error 0x800705aa may show up as: HRESULT = 0x800705aa – ERROR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES and occur during backups, file copies, during the boot process, and other processes. The most common cause of 0x800705aa is simply the lack of free RAM. If you are using virtual machines with dynamic memory allocation, make sure the integration services are up-to-date.   The […]

Hyper-V Best Practices You Must Know

In a recent article published by BackupChain, 18 Hyper-V best practices were put together to ensure you have a well functioning Hyper-V server system, with focus on how to achieve good performance and efficient Hyper-V backups.   Their article addresses the following issues: The interdependences of VSS backups in Windows and Hyper-V Options for Fine-tuning […]

Windows 8 Client Hyper-V Limitations, Intro, and Pitfalls

Microsoft has integrated a limited version of Hyper-V, called Client Hyper-V, to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Similar to the Windows Server Hyper-V version, the Client Hyper-V edition targets power user who need to virtualize several operating systems and run them on a single workstation. Microsoft added Hyper-V Windows 8 to the Pro and Enterprise […]