Windows Server 2012 R2 New Features & What’s New in Server 2012 R2

Affinity rules
ARP/ND Spoofing/Poisoning Protection
Asymmetric Hyper-V Clusters
BitLocker compatibility with CSVs
Block-Level Redirected I/O
Boot From SAN
Cluster Aware Updating
Cluster Bootstrapping
Cluster Scalability
Cluster Scheduled Tasks
Cluster Shared Storage
Cluster Validation Wizard
CNO and VCO Flexibility
Concurrent Live Migration
Converged Fabrics
CSV 2.0
CSV Backup Improvements
CSV Block Cache
CSV Filter Drivers
Data Center Bridging
Volume Deduplication
Deploy Roles and Features to Offline VHDs
DHCP Guard
Direct I/O Backup
Drain VMs
Dynamic Memory
Dynamic Quorum
Dynamic Virtual Machine Queue
ETW Tracing
Failover Prioritization
Guest Application Monitoring
Guest Aware NUMA
High Availability
Host Scalability
Hyper-V Administrators
Hyper-V Appliance
Hyper-V Server 2012 Release
Hyper-V Extensible Switch
Hyper-V Manager Connect and Live Migration
Hyper-V Manager Tabbed Interface
Hyper-V Replica
Import VM Improvements
IPsec Task Offload
Live Migration
Live Migration Queuing
Live Storage Migration
Management OS
Monitor Port
Native 4k disk alignment
Network Virtualization
NIC Teaming
Node Vote Weight
Online Disk Repair
Port ACLs
Port Mirroring
Private VLAN
Read-Only Domain Controllers
Receive Side Coalescing
Receive Side Scaling
Redirected I/O
Remote Direct Memory Access / SMB Direct
Resource Metering
Router Guard
Scale Out File Server
Single Root I/O Virtualization
SMB 3.0
SMB 3.0 Multichannel
Snapshot Live Merge
Storage Pools
Storage Spaces
System Center 2012 Service Pack 1
Thin Provisioning
Trunk Mode
Unified Tracing
VHDX File Format Improvements
Virtual Fiber Channel HBA
Virtual Machine Converter
Virtual Machine Scalability
Virtual NIC
Virtual SAN
Virtualization Aware Domain Controllers
VP:LP Ratio