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How to Mount a VHDX to Windows using a PowerShell Script

To mount a VHDX to Windows as a drive using PowerShell, run the command: Mount-VHD -Path c:\my-folder\MyVirtualDisk.vhdx or Mount-VHD -Path c:\my-folder\MyVirtualDisk.vhdx -ReadOnly Then remove the drive again by using: Dismount-VHD -Path c:\my-folder\MyVirtualDisk.vhdx   This method can be used to copy files into a VM, for example, orĀ  to copy files from one VM to another, […]

Copy a File From the Host to a VM Using a Powershell Script

Copying a file from the host into a VM is easy with Powershell and you can embed it into a script. The syntax is: Copy-VMFile “Test VM” -SourcePath “C:\FileOnHost.txt” -DestinationPath “D:\FolderInsideVM\file.txt” -CreateFullPath -FileSource Host The above command will also create the target folder if it doesn’t exist. You could use this command to push software […]

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