How to Mount a VHDX to Windows using a PowerShell Script

To mount a VHDX to Windows as a drive using PowerShell, run the command: Mount-VHD -Path c:\my-folder\MyVirtualDisk.vhdx or Mount-VHD -Path c:\my-folder\MyVirtualDisk.vhdx -ReadOnly Then remove the drive again by using: Dismount-VHD -Path c:\my-folder\MyVirtualDisk.vhdx   This method can be used to copy files into a VM, for example, or  to copy files from one VM to another, […]

Copy a File From the Host to a VM Using a Powershell Script

Copying a file from the host into a VM is easy with Powershell and you can embed it into a script. The syntax is: Copy-VMFile “Test VM” -SourcePath “C:\FileOnHost.txt” -DestinationPath “D:\FolderInsideVM\file.txt” -CreateFullPath -FileSource Host The above command will also create the target folder if it doesn’t exist. You could use this command to push software […]

Hyper-V CSV backup: What needs to be considered for VM backups?

The following points should be observed when backing up Hyper-V VMs to CSVs. The latest version of BackupChain should be used All VM files must be saved on the same CSV The backup should only be done via the Hyper-V tab. Complete server image backup must not include CSV volumes; it should only include the […]

Windows Server 2019 ISO Free Download + Hyper-V Server 2019

The official ISO download links for Windows Server 2019 ISO (final release) and Hyper-V Server 2019 are as follows. Click on these links below to download directly from Microsoft: Hyper-V Server 2019 ISO Download (US English) Windows Server 2019 Standard/Datacenter ISO Download (US English) 17763.737.190906-2324.rs5_release_svc_refresh_SERVER_EVAL_x64FRE_en-us_1.iso Windows Server 2019 Standard/Datacenter ISO Download (German) 17763.737.190906-2324.rs5_release_svc_refresh_SERVER_EVAL_x64FRE_de-de_1.iso Windows Server […]

Hyper-V Host Disk Backup, Physical Host and Virtual Machine Backup

In order to create a backup of your Hyper-V host as well as the virtual machines on it, the best option is to split the workload into two portions: the Hyper-V host backup (the physical machine), and the Hyper-V virtual machine backup (the virtual servers). BackupChain offers several backup components to accomplish this easily and […]

Hyper-V Backup and Secure DMZ Servers: A How-to Guide

From a security point of view, a secure option that is being used for example by VPS hosting providers that we work with, is to DMZ the VMs, not the hyper-v host. By DMZ-ing the VMs instead of the host, you can access and backup the host as usual and have only the VMs exposed […]

Windows Server 2016 Download Location ISO File

The official ISO download link for Windows Server 2016 ISO (final release) is:   Welcome to BackupChain, the Server Backup Software for IT Professionals! While you are waiting for your download, check out BackupChain, our Server 2016 backup software that is specifically made for IT pros. Among the many unique features you also benefit […]

How to Fix Error ID 10178 in Hyper-V VMMS

Cause of Hyper-V Error 10178 If you encountered a backup error in the Hyper-V VMMS event logs with ID 10178, it may show several related error messages, such as: “Failed to fix-up absolute VHD paths in configuration of virtual machine ‘Accounting’: Account restrictions are preventing this user from signing in. For example: blank passwords aren’t […]

How to Fix: MSMQ Writer (MSMQ) failed

If you ran into this type of VSS error “MSMQ Writer”, the fix below might work for you: Symptoms The Event Viewer logs on the host and inside the virtual machine, at the time of backup, might show the following entries. The VSS writer MSMQ Writer (MSMQ) failed with status 8 and writer specific failure […]

How to Open ISO in Hyper-V Server: Mount ISO to Drive

These commands should help mount the ISO to a drive letter so you can install applications or operating system upgrades directly on the host. To map an ISO to a drive use the command line: PowerShell Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath \”C:\myIsoFolder\MyIsoFile.iso\”   When you are done, use: PowerShell “Get-Volume X | Get-DiskImage | Dismount-DiskImage”   Backup Software for […]

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