Get All VHDX for All VMs with this PowerShell Script

Do you need a list of all virtual disks on a Hyper-V server? Simply run this PowerShell script and it will give you a list of all VHD and VHDX files that are connected to virtual machines in Hyper-V:

 $MyVMs = Get-VM
 Foreach ($MyVM in $MyVMs)
     $AllHardDrives = $MyVM.HardDrives
      Foreach ($HardDriveItem in $AllHardDrives)
           $HardDriveItem.path | Get-VHD

Are you Still Using PowerShell Scripts to Back up Your Hyper-V Virtual Machines?

Why not try BackupChain instead? It is a full-featured, yet lightweight, customizable, and simple Hyper-V backup solution and includes many features that make PowerShell scripting for backups unnecessary.
The issue with PowerShell scripts is that they are difficult to manage in the long-term. Most often, there is no proper error handling and logging in place. In addition, there is no alert system in place when errors occur in automated scripts. All of that puts your server infrastructure unnecessarily at risk.
BackupChain is popular with IT professionals because it’s lightweight and can be customized to work exactly the way you need it. It backs up your VMs, disks, and files to various target media and provides excellent logging, reporting, and alert functionality. Simply download it today and give it a try.

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