How to remove Acronis and StorageCraft VSS driver / provider

After you uninstalled these products, if the problem persists, follow these steps:   Step 1: Open the Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> enter “regedit”, hit enter) Step 2: Navigate to the entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\VSS\Providers Step 3: (optional) Right-click on the entry {5fc845eb-f299-40f0-9725-34045f7ea8ba} or {f5dbcc43-b847-494e-8083-f030501da611} and export it to a file so you have a backup […]

Download Linux Integration Services 3.5 for Hyper-V

  Download the newest Linux Integration Services 3.5 for Hyper-V here:   What’s New? •Driver support for IDE and SCSI controllers: Linux Integration Services supports the network controller and the IDE and SCSI storage controllers that were developed specifically for Hyper-V. •Fastpath Boot Support for Hyper-V: Boot devices now take advantage of the block […]

Hyper-V Stop 0x0000000A BSOD Error Causes and Fixes KB2776366

If you receive a blue screen with stop error 0x0000000A on a Hyper-V host server, consider installing the hotfix KB2776366.   Steps to reproduce this error: On a Hyper-V server running on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012: You have a virtual machine running Your several pass-through disks attached to the virtual machine. […]

How to Fix VSS Errors (Volume Shadow Copy Service Errors)

Transient VSS errors appear to be randomly and occur many hours into the backup. For that reason you need to suspect the errors are due to a VSS shadow area overrun which can be easily prevented. Try using the tool VSSUIRUN.EXE from the command prompt (see screenshots here:) // and set ‘no limit’ for all drives/volumes listed. This setting […]

Backup Strategies for Large VMs with and without Deduplication

BackupChain offers many options that allow you to quickly implement several backup strategies you can use simultaneously. If you are dealing with very large files, say a 1.6TB VHDX being the largest, you may need to plan for restore times. An average modern hard drive and server will give you processing speeds of 50 MB/sec […]

Resolving VSS_WS_FAILED_AT_FREEZE Backup Errors

The backup error VSS_WS_FAILED_AT_FREEZE may occur with several types of writers, such as the Hyper-V VSS Writer or Registry Writer. We have a tool to diagnose all kinds of VSS errors, called VssDiag available at // The important thing is to enter the backup error time as accurately as possible, within a 5 minute window […]

VMware Workstation Speed-Up, How to Fix Slow Performance

This article describes a couple of quick steps to speed up VMware Workstation. These steps will speed up and offer better performance, during normal operation but also during backups with your VMware backup software. First you would want to merge split VMDKs that VMware Workstation creates by default. This default setting is unfortunately not very […]

Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox Feature Comparison

Below is a feature comparison of modern hypervisor platforms, such as Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox and others:   Name Can boot an OS on another disk partition as guest USB support GUI Live memory allocation Snapshots per VM Snapshot of running system Live migration Shared folders Shared clipboard PCI pass-through KVM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes […]

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