Is My Hard Drive Failing? Signs of Hard Drive Failure

How do you know if your hard drive is failing?

Here are some clues and symptoms:

  1. The hard drive light (if your computer has one) remains lit and the computer freezes up. This happens randomly and lasts a minute or so
  2. You can hear knocking sounds or scratching noise
  3. Check the Windows Event Viewer for Disk Warnings in the System log. Disk Warnings are a 100% sign your computer has a disk fault
  4. Your PC or server is a lot slower than usual especially when trying to open new screens, files, or applications.
  5. If the hard drive powers down and goes into standby, it has trouble coming back online

The Key Symptom of a Failing Hard Drive

The key symptom is the hard drive is retrying to load or save the same sector again and again for over a minute and all your apps will hang until it either succeeds or fails. If the hard drive isn’t completely dead yet it may hang but still work for a while. This is usually the last chance to get your files backed up, if you are lucky.

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