Hyper-V Backup Links, Guides, Tutorials & Comparisons

Below is a very useful list of links, guides, and tutorials relating to Hyper-V backup:


Hyper-V Backup Quick Start Guide: Protect your Hyper-V VMs with just a couple of clicks.

List of Effective Hyper-V Backup Strategies: Describes common strategies; how to back up Hyper-V in the best way that fits your requirements and infrastructure.

Why a Hyper-V Backup May Pull Windows Server 2012 into Saved State: Sometimes Hyper-V decides to take a VM offline when a Hyper-V backup is initiated; find out why and when this occurs.

Hyper-V Snapshot vs. Hyper-V Backup: There is a crucial difference between Hyper-V Checkpoints a.k.a. Snapshots and Hyper-V backups, not to be missed.

How to Implement Instant Hyper-V Disaster Recovery: Hyper-V disaster recovery strategies may give you each pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages of instant Hyper-V recoveries are discussed.

Best Practices for Hyper-V Backup: Best practices include a wide range of recommendations.

The Best Hyper-V Backup Strategy In 12 Simple Steps: This article describes 12 steps you need to take to create your own Hyper-V backup strategy for your business or for each of your customers.

How it’s Done: Hyper-V Backup for Windows 8 / 8.1 Client Hyper-V: Hyper-V backup on Windows 8 is now available with many of the once server-only backup features. Restoring VMs on Windows Server from Windows 8 and vice versa is also possible.

Live Hyper-V Backup using Hyper-V VSS Writer: How Backup Works: This is an in-depth article describing how the Hyper-V VSS Writer works and how live Hyper-V virtual machine backup is implemented technologically. It’s important for an IT admin to know this background info, so that issues can be prevented ahead of time.

18 Hyper-V and Hyper-V Backup Pitfalls You Absolutely Need to Know: A very useful resource describing common traps that may cost you if you don’t know about them ahead of time!

Hyper-V Backup & Recovery Software Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V: The all-in-one backup software solution for Hyper-V; test it out for free.


We at BackupChain believe in knowledge sharing and providing the best backup solution for Windows and Hyper-V virtual machines.

The articles above concentrate on Hyper-V; however, BackupChain supports VMware, VMware Workstation, and physical Windows Server and PC backup as well.

While virtualization tools have taken the market by storm, you’ll likely find that BackupChain is a feasible and more powerful alternative due to its all-in-one design that appears to I.T. professionals, and its detailed features that allow users to fine-tune their backups like no other backup tool on the market.




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