How to Delete Hyper-V Backup Checkpoint That’s Stuck

Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 R2 and later, around spring 2014, introduced a HyperV backup mechanism where Hyper-V creates a hidden internal checkpoint when a Hyper-V backup is initiated. Shortly after the server backup software goes into its prep phase, this checkpoint is deleted and merged automatically while the backup proceeds. See below:


hyper-v backup checkpoint

If the host server or cluster node fails exactly during that short timespan, the checkpoint may get stuck. The Hyper-V Manager screen won’t allow you to delete it either.

How to Delete Hyper-V Backup Checkpoints that are Stuck

In order to delete these kinds of internal checkpoints / snapshots, use the PowerShell command:

Get-VMSnapshot -VMName <vm name here> m -ComputerName <host name here> | Remove-VMSnapshot


Remove-VMSnapshot -VMName "adaudit" -name "adaudit - Backup - (12/19/2015 - 11:15:27 PM)"

The above command will take care of this issue and the backup snapshot for you.

There is also a hotfix available by Microsoft at  titled “Hyper-V virtual machine backup leaves the VM in a locked state”; however, the above PowerShell command will do just fine without the hotfix.

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