Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 Backup Software

BackupChain now runs on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1, download our new installer here: //
Your trusted Windows Server and Hyper-V backup solution also works on Windows 8.1 with all Hyper-V features as the server edition.


What is BackupChain?

BackupChain is a simple to use, yet powerful backup tool for
IT professionals. It is fully configurable and offers file
version backups, delta compression, VM backup and
database support, and a strong parallel backup process for fast

What type of backup do you need?

Live Virtual Host Backup on Workstations and Servers


Powerful Data Protection Features

  • BackupChain backup software scans file versions and only stores the difference. (In-file delta or delta compression)
  • Because only file changes are replicated, you can back up virtual machines,
    databases, and other large files quickly. This feature also makes backups to a FTP location more efficient.
  • Backup SQL databases without stopping the database server.
  • Efficient handling of large files larger than 4GB
  • Support for very long (32768 characters) file and path names, even with ZIP compression
  • Support for international characters in file names (Unicode file names)
  • BackupChain USB backup software also supports USB 3.0 external hard drives and other backup media.
  • Purchase includes one or two year update subscription.
  • Free lifetime developer support


PC Backup to External Hard Drives, Network Shares, and FTP

BackupChain performs fast incremental and differential backups to eSATA drives, network drives, and FTP.
The built-in FTP backup server permits receiving files from other machines on the Internet.

To meet the needs of IT professionals, BackupChain contains specialized proprietary technology to handle millions of files and so-called “in-file deltas”. Delta compression is ideal for frequently changing files, such as databases and virtual disks, because only file changes are stored rather than the entire file. BackupChain is the only USB backup tool available that provides delta compression, which significantly lowers bandwidth and storage requirements.


Encrypted Online Backup for Servers and Workstations — Both Sides are in Your Control

  • Set up and control your own remote backup system using the
    built-in FTP server. Running your own
    server at another site eliminates online storage
    costs and your data is stored on your own
  • Back up your files to any other PC running
    BackupChain or any FTP hosting site on the Internet.
  • Save your office files to your home computer and vice-versa.
  • Back up your servers and PCs at several office locations.
  • Encrypt your data with secure transmission (FTPS) and military-strength encryption
    (FIPS, HIPAA compliant).

Configurable File Version Backup

  • Configure precisely the number of versions you want to
    keep depending on
    the file type and file location.
  • Compress specific file types the way you need (in-file delta, zip, rar, gz, etc.)
  • Specify different settings for each folder and file type
  • Specify specific file types to remove from your backup

System File Backup and Locked File Handling

  • BackupChain opens locked files of any type.
  • You can back up databases while the database server is live (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, etc.)
  • Backup online virtual machines
    on Hyper-V, Virtual Server R2, VMware Server, and other platforms.
  • Applications and system files can be processed while applications are running.


Download your 20 day trial of BackupChain from our download page

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