How to Fix: MSMQ Writer (MSMQ) failed

If you ran into this type of VSS error “MSMQ Writer”, the fix below might work for you:


The Event Viewer logs on the host and inside the virtual machine, at the time of backup, might show the following entries.

The VSS writer MSMQ Writer (MSMQ) failed with status 8 and writer specific failure code 0x800423F2.
Disk 1 has been surprise removed

VSS writers inside virtual machine '' failed to perform BackupComplete to its shadow copy (VSS snapshot) set: The writer's timeout expired between the Freeze and Thaw events. (0x800423F2). (Virtual machine ID )
Could not create backup checkpoint for virtual machine '': The writer's timeout expired between the Freeze and Thaw events. (0x800423F2). (Virtual machine ID )
Checkpoint operation for '' failed. (Virtual machine ID )
Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Failed resolving account Administrator with status 1376. Check connection to domain controller and VssAccessControl registry key.
Error: NetLocalGroupGetMemebers(Administrator), 0x80070560, The specified local group does not exist.

Cause and Fix

After a long  investigation, it turned out to be a permission issue. The folder System32\MSMQ might have subfolders in it and those need to be checked for valid permission settings. The user account running the backup (usually local system or administrator) must have full control over all these folders. If access is restricted or limited you may run into the MSMQ Writer failures listed above. A big thank you to Adam Androulidakis of Computer Concepts, Inc for providing us detailed error reports and the solution!

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