How to Open ISO in Hyper-V Server: Mount ISO to Drive

These commands should help mount the ISO to a drive letter so you can install applications or operating system upgrades directly on the host.

To map an ISO to a drive use the command line:

PowerShell Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath \"C:\myIsoFolder\MyIsoFile.iso\"


When you are done, use:

PowerShell "Get-Volume X | Get-DiskImage | Dismount-DiskImage"


Backup Software for Your Hyper-V Server

BackupChain is a Windows backup software that also includes a free HyperV backup solution in its overall server backup functionality. Backup for VM images, files, and data is done as a live backup without shutdown and is compatible to all current hypervisor platforms: In one package, BackupChain bundles backup for Windows Server, backup for HyperV, VirtualBox backup, and backup for Vmware, all using backup deduplication to save backup storage space and increase efficiency.
Once you have used BackupChain, you will agree it’s indeed the best backup software for the IT professional. Using granular restore as well as its unique granular backup features, you can restore and back up files inside VMs agentless, directly from the host without additional software in VMs.
BackupChain essentially functions as version backup software: whether you start up a Exchange Server backup, online backup, backup FTP, or file backup, BackupChain uses deduplication and creates backup file versions automatically. Going “back in time” is hence just a matter of opening a file directly from the backup folder, or use BackupChain’s Restore Screen to perform more complex restore procedures.
Have you seen our freeware for Windows Server yet? One of the popular free software tools we offer is DriveMaker that can map FTP to a drive letter, completely free even more business use.

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