Backup too Slow: How to Speed Up Backups

Factors impacting backup speed:

* if service priority is less than normal, the backup slows down when other apps take CPU

* I/O of overall system services.

* fragmentation of source and target drives.

* bandwidth of source and target

* Each CPU core’s speed

* Activity level of the entire system

* Disk failure. Check Windows Event Viewer for Disk Warnings and take those seriously (^_^)


Try pausing and switching off services one by one and see which factor may apply to your situation.


In order to get the max backup deduplication and backup speed, try these settings:

*In the Compression tab select fastest compression

*In the dedupe tab select 16MB block size and ‘number of workers’ should be set to the number of CPU cores

*In the Speed tab lift all limits and run the process at ‘normal’ priority

*Don’t use simultaneous file backups unless you are dealing with multiple drive sources